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Performing a Manual J on New Construction


Cool Calc Manual J was primarily developed for the replacement market, but can also be used in new construction.

To use Cool Calc Manual J in a new construction application, simply enter the city and state where the home is going to be built in the address field of step 1. This is required so Cool Calc can determine the design conditions for the home and the local building code requirements. 

Then hit the next button. A single system, zone, and room will be created. From here the use can add above grade walls, windows, and other components.

Cool Calc still saves the user time by auto-populating the drop-down fields in each section as they are added. The drop down options selected will be the minimum values that meet the current building code adopted in the city entered in step 1. Users can override any of these defaults if actual values are known.

Below is a video that demonstrates the entire process. For additional videos on adding individual sections visit our Youtube Channel


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    Paul Myers

    Video successfully showed me how to get started.

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    Farid RIZIG

    This video assured me that a new construction project can be done , it gives the confidence to start.

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