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Why is Cool Calc in Beta?



Cool Calc Manual J is not like other applications on the market. Many of the existing Manual J calculators are Windows based and have very defined requirements for the devices and operating systems they can be used on. 

Cool Calc is web-based and designed to work with thousands of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and maybe someday watches:)

Not only do we need to test multiple devices, but we also need to test the tool across multiple browsers.

The calculations outputted from the software are accurate and have been thoroughly tested and verified by ACCA. However, during the beta period we will be gathering feedback on the user experience across a wide range of devices and browsers that were impossible to fully test prior to launching the product.

Once we feel comfortable that there are no major issues remaining we will take the product out of Beta.

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    jason powell

    how do I use the program? I already activated my account now what?

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    ronald dillingham

    how do i use the program ? i already activated my account, now what ?

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    Zbigniew Korfel

    How do I start the using this program in a particular property

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