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Version 2.0 Known Issues


The following known issues exist in ng.coolcalc.com as of 3/13/2018. If you encounter any other issues not listed here, please open a help ticket to let us know. Your valuable feedback is always appreciated!

  1. Skylight load calculations are not yet implemented in ng.coolcalc.com. If the home you are working on has skylights, you must use the legacy coolcalc application at www.coolcalc.com to calculate MJ8 heating and cooling loads. Skylight load calculations are expected to be available in ng.coolcalc.com on 4/2/2018.
  2. Zoning is not yet implemented in ng.coolcalc.com. If you are considering a zoned comfort system, you should use the legacy application at www.coolcalc.com. Zoning is expected to be implemented in ng.coolcalc.com on 4/2/2018.
  3. You cannot skip any construction profile sections, even if not applicable to your home. Currently you must enter construction features for all sections in the construction profile, including skylights and below grade walls which may not apply to many homes. If your home does not have skylights or a basement, you can simply accept the default settings for those sections. The construction profile is only used as a starting point for information about the home but if you don't create below grade rooms or skylights in subsequent steps, the system will not generate any below grade wall or skylight heating and cooling loads. Ability to skip not applicable sections of the construction profile will be available on 4/2/2018.
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    christopher pileiro

    Can not get to the Manual J printout section? I know 2.0 is not a free printout but will not advance me to anywhere beyond inputs

  • Avatar
    Doug Shuss

    Will not let me see Manuel j reports I have purchased credits

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    Cool Calc Support

    To access your report, select your project from the project list and click on the HVAC Systems link. Next, select your system and then click the MJ8 Report link

    Best Regards

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